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A big THANK YOU to all our STOP THE PRESSURE 2020 partners

20th November 2020

With STOP THE PRESSURE now officially over for 2020, Team Talley just want to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of our partners that have participated in this year’s STP event.

In previous years, STP has typically relied on face-to-face events to engage people at a local level. However, with necessity being the mother of invention, the global COVID-19 pandemic has required all of our UK and International STP partners to approach this year’s event differently and in many cases, to think a little more creatively in order to engage staff, patients and caregivers.

We have seen our partners offering virtual café’s where colleagues can ‘meet’ online and ask expert advice around Pressure Ulcer prevention and management. There have also been some incredibly creative (and amusing!) videos and songs, information packs being collated and handed out, ward rounds, table top displays etc, etc.

Clearly many of you are very creative thinkers and what is even more impressive is that you have done all of this in the face of the current COVID situation and the increased workload that this has placed on almost all healthcare professionals in all countries!

It just goes to show how impressive your STOP THE PRESSURE efforts have been and how important pressure ulcer prevention and management is to all of you and your colleagues. By working together and raising awareness around pressure ulcers we will make a difference to patients’ lives and to the lives of individuals at risk of pressure ulcers.

So to all of you who have completed your STP2020 events…… WELL DONE, you have done a fabulous job!

We know that because of the current COVID situation it has been necessary for several of our partners to delay their STP events for a few weeks or months until the situation eases, and in these cases we wish you GOOD LUCK with your STP events as and when they take place.

To anyone who has missed out on any of our STP educational resources or activities or if you want to see a full list of our STP2020 UK and International partners then please follow our Talley Group social media feeds;

Tissue Viability Nurse Sue Hopewell says:

It has been great fun to work on this project for the past few months. The time has literally flown by and although it has been pretty hectic at times, I have really enjoyed working with so many brilliant and committed teams across the UK, Australia, Belgium, Ireland and the Middle East.

It was amazing to see so much activity across the various social media platforms on the 19th November and I can’t quite believe that the STP2020 day is now behind us.

Even though the dust is yet to settle from this year’s event, our team at Talley are already discussing plans for STP2021 and we have some potentially exciting projects in the pipeline that we look forward to bringing you in the coming year.

Thank you again from Team Talley to all of our STP2020 partners and well done to everyone involved in this year’s event.

Best wishes and stay safe.

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