VENTURI® ​ Mino. Cost effective, simple to operate NPWT for on the move treatment.

The VENTURI® Mino is the baby of the VENTURI range and uses controlled NPWT to expedite wound healing and assist wound closure for a wide range of wound types. With a 150ml capacity canister and weighing only 250g it is ideal for providing discreet, lifestyle compatible NPWT while "on the move".


The VENTURI NPWT product range consists of intuitive, simple to use, cost effective products that consistently deliver exceptional clinical outcomes.

Negative pressure -80mmHg or -120mmHg

A standard default negative pressure setting of -80mmHg is used. However, clinicians can increase this to -120mmHg if they feel that a higher negative pressure would benefit the patient.

Gauze or foam weekly therapy wound care sets

The VENTURI Mino is designed for weekly use with both gauze and foam wound care sets. This allows clinicians the flexibility to use the most appropriate wound dressing for their patients

Mains or battery operated

The VENTURI Mino has an integrated battery and switches seamlessly between either mains or battery power without any interruption to therapy. When fully charged the system operates for a minimum of 24 hours. This provides patients with greater independence and freedom during their treatment.

Intuitive and easy to use

The intuitive, easy to use pump unit simplifies product set up, operation and training and reduces the potential for user error during treatment.

Audible and visual alarms

To ensure optimum product performance and patient treatment a full range of audible and visual alarms cover all common fault conditions including: low vacuum (i.e. leaking dressing), kinked tube, system tilt, full canister, low battery and no canister.

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