TECcare PROTECT Hand wash

PROTECT hand wash is designed to be used in place of soap and is highly effective at cleansing, sanitising and moisturising the hands. Free from alcohol, fragrances and emollients, skin is left feeling soft and smooth with no residue, tackiness or odour.

The TECcare PROTECT product range is specifically designed to sanitise and moisturise the hands and skin.

Alcohol free

TECcare PROTECT is alcohol free so it is non-irritant, non-toxic and non-flammable. 

Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi

Extensive laboratory tests prove that TECcare PROTECT kills at least 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in one minute or less.

Prolonged antimicrobial effect

TECcare PROTECT keeps working for up to 2 hours post-application.

Kind and gentle on the skin

This water based hand wash prevents dry, cracked and sore skin. Even after repeated applications the hands remain soft and smooth.

User friendly, no residue, tackiness or odour

With no emollients, alcohol or fragrance in the formulation all TECcare PROTECT products are incredibly user friendly.

Available in a 600ml bottle

The hand wash is available in a single product offering as a 600ml bottle with integral pump dispenser.

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