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Education, ISO standards and Post-Market Surveillance at Wound Care Today 2020

10th March 2020

As the Pressure Area Care category partner for Wound Care Today we enjoyed a fantastically busy and very successful WCT2020 conference in Milton Keynes last month.

In-keeping with the Wound Care Today mission of offering unrivalled clinical education to nursing and clinical staff, our Talley Clinical Affairs team were delighted to present four clinical posters during the conference.

See below for the poster titles, a brief overview and a link to each one;

  • Hiding in plain sight: ISO20342-1 is the new international mattress safety standard published in June 2019. Do you know about it and how does it benefit you and your patients?

This poster highlights the aim of the new international mattress standard that now applies to all manufacturers and distributors of every PAC mattress sold in the UK. It is essential that all healthcare providers and stakeholders in mattress procurement know about the new ISO standard as it relates specifically to the safety of all non-powered and powered PAC support surfaces from foam to hybrids to air mattresses. Click here to download the poster PDF.

  • Reporting user experiences of a powered pressure area care support surface in a university hospital as part of proactive Post-Market Surveillance.

Post-Market Surveillance focuses on the performance and safety of medical devices and it is a requirement for all PAC support surfaces manufacturers and distributors, irrespective of their device classification. PMS must now be performed for all foam, hybrid and air mattresses. This poster highlights the importance of PMS and reports on one example of the performance and safety of our Quattro PLUS mattress. Click here to download the poster PDF.

  • Reducing the risk posed by damaged mattress covers by using a non-corrosive, chlorine-free, high level disinfectant

Chlorine based disinfectants can damage mattress covers over prolonged time periods. This can result in an infection prevention risk to patients and staff whilst simultaneously requiring increased spend to replace covers and decontaminate (or scrap!) the mattress interior. TECcare CONTROL offers chlorine-free disinfection and eliminates cover damage typically caused by aggressive cleaning agents. Click here to download the poster PDF

  • Effective use of a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system for a complex patient within an acute care setting

This amazing case study focuses on the healing of two very complex wounds in the same patient. Both wounds used Talley’s Venturi AVANTI negative pressure wound therapy system to help expedite wound healing. The use of NPWT can produce stunning clinical results when it is targeted correctly, and the impact can be lifechanging for the patient. Click here to download the poster PDF.

Operations Director Kevin Mearns says;

In addition to delivering the highest quality products and services to all of our UK and International customers, Talley are fully committed to driving the PAC support surface industry forward in terms of dedicated support surface standards and device safety.

Two of our clinical poster presentations at Wound Care Today 2020 focussed on the new ISO 20342-1 standard (which applies to every Assistive Product for Tissue Integrity (APTI) when lying down), and the need for ongoing Post-Market Surveillance (PMS) for every PAC support surface – irrespective of its medical device classification.

With every healthcare provider focussed on delivering safe, effective harm-free patient care we firmly believe that all manufacturers and distributors of PAC support surfaces should embrace their responsibility of meeting the new ISO standard and they should be encouraging proactive PMS customer feedback on the performance and safety of their PAC support surfaces.

As the dedicated PAC category partner for the WCT2020 conference it is only right that Talley spearhead the drive to improve the quality and safety of all PAC support surfaces. With this in mind we would encourage every healthcare provider to ask their current mattress supplier if they comply with the new ISO 20342-1 mattress standard, what their PMS process is, and how they use PMS data to improve the performance and safety of their medical devices.

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