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The Cleaning, Disinfection and Hygiene revolution has arrived... and it's TECcare 'tastic!

02nd August 2017

Talley are delighted to announce the launch of their brilliant new TECcare cleaning, disinfection and hygiene product ranges.

The unique combination of fast, powerful antimicrobial activity which is super-safe while being very kind and gentle on surfaces and skin makes the new TECcare CONTROL and TECcare PROTECT products ideal for use across all healthcare settings.

Our new TECcare products offer unrivalled performance which is backed up by a wealth of clinical evidence, so whether you are cleaning medical equipment, environmental surfaces, disinfecting ambulances, wiping down or laundering mattresses or sanitising your hands and skin we have the perfect product for you.

All the information you need about our new products is available on the Talley website so click on our ‘Cleaning, Disinfection & Hygiene’ product pages or ‘Contact us’ to find out more.

Operations Director Kevin Mearns said;

‘This product range meets all of the key needs for our customers and we are delighted to launch it into the marketplace.'

'The comprehensive clinical work we have undertaken clearly demonstrates that every time customers use our new TECcare products they see genuine benefits in terms of improved cleanliness, efficiency and cost effectiveness.'

'Today’s healthcare providers are constantly striving to improve their outcomes, often while struggling with budget cuts and typically while running at full capacity. Our TECcare products can help improve each of these areas so we are very excited to see how these products take off in the coming months.'

TECcare launch
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